17 August 2010

How Do You Feel??

Assalamualaikum wbt..

How do you feel??
When there's a guy somewhere outside there..
A guy who you never talk to..
A guy that you just meet for once..
Had a crush on you secretly..
And he waited for you and put hope on you..
Since few years ago..
And you just realized about it yesterday??

And how do you feel??
When there's a guy near you..
A guy that you talk with almost everyday..
A guy that you spend your time with eventhough you're busy..
A guy who you had crush on secretly..
A guy that you wait for patiently..
Since few months ago..
But he never realized that you were there??

O Allah.. I'm lost now..
Please guide me..
Only to You I can give my hope..
Because You knew what is the best for me..

Till here. Assalamualaikum wbt..


Anonymous said...

kdg2 its better to choose some1 that like u instead of the one that u like...pe2 pn doa la byk2 mnta petunjuk pling baik wat la istikharah

Anonymous said...

ohhh sedih...mimi dah rasa...he nvr realized tht i like him...pendam sorg2 je...

nadzwareina said...

syu : agree dgn ko. but wait n see dulu la cmne..
mimie : tula sakit nk pendam sorg2 ni.. tu yg buat blog.. lega sikit :p

AMiRU said...

btol gak ckp syu 2...
hm..i thnk i bttr move on gak la...
bt wait n c cmne..its too early 4 anythng...

Anonymous said...

yup pe pn insha allah ad ms lg...klu bley niat baik nk jdkannya teman idup 4eva jgn la nk kapel skdr suka2 or try2

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